Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture

 Chrysanthemum ‘Country Girl’

chrysanthemum country girl

Common Name: Garden mum
Zone: 5-9
Plant Type: Herbaceous Perennial
Family: Asteraceae
Texas Native: No
Origin: Garden origin
Height: 2’
Bloom: pink, semi-double flowers in early to mid October
Water: Medium, well-drained soil
Maintenance: cut back before mid-summer to keep plants compact
Propagation: Mist propagation of cuttings taken in spring or summer, division in winter

There’s a distinct difference between garden mums and florist mums.  The latter look best in 6-inch pots wrapped with cellophane and displayed in your local grocery store.  They look fabulous on the porch or table-top for a week and then make wonderful compost after that. Garden mums are meant to be planted outside and enjoyed year after year.  These easy going perennials make themselves at home in any sunny location with a moderate amount of water.  They border on drought tolerant, but definitely appreciate a weekly drink in the summer.  Cut back foliage by no more than one third periodically throughout spring and early summer to encourage branching and sturdier stems.  Stop shearing by mid-July so as not to delay fall bloom.

‘Country Girl’ is easily the favorite mum at the Mast Arboretum.  Pretty pink flowers are produced in abundance in early October.  They are excellent cut flowers and provide a late season nectar source for a variety of pollinators.  Pair ‘Country Girl’ with Mexican bush sage and gulf coast muhly grass for an elegant and dramatic fall combination.