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Welcome to the SFA Gardens Newsletter Archives! From the beginning in 1986, our newsletters to the Friends of SFA Gardens have gone through various configurations. The early years were titled as "SFA Arboretum News". In 1997 we bacame the SFA Mast Arboretum Newsletter. Finally, in 2006, we evolved into SFA Gardens News. The original issues back in the 1980s are long lost to the digital world and are presented as scanned in versions. Dawn Stover currently manages the Newsletter. We have also archived six newsletters of the Pineywoods Native Plant Center here (2002-2005) - which was discontinued and that information incorporated into our SFA Gardens Newsletters. 

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Dave Creech's Life on the Green Side

Dawn Stover's Southern Garden Girl

Greg Grant's Ramblings at the Arbor Gate Blog.


The following links will take you to SFA Gardens links and assorted garden information:

Arboretum History 1985-1997, The Formative Years

Sixth Lone Star Regional Native Plant Conference Proceedings (2012) 
Fifth Lone Star Regional Native Plant Conference Proceedings (2010)
Fourth Lone Star Regional Native Plant Conference Proceedings (2008)
Third Lone Star Regional Native Plant Conference Proceedings (2006)
Second Lone Star Regional Native Plant Conference Proceedings (2003)
First Lone Star Regional Native Plant Conference Proceedings (2001)

Pot-in-pot research project - Brennan Whitehead's thesis - 2006-2008

Pot-in-pot Research Plots - a pictorial history 2006 to present

Taxodium research - Lijing Zhou's 2009 thesis

Taxodium research - Lijing Zhou's 2011 PhD Dissertation 

Taxodium - Can Taxodium be Improved?  (Arnoldia article)

The PNPC's Three R's Endangered Plants Program

Plant Hunting in Mexico - Agave world

China Daily 09-31-11 - Happy Tree Lures Texan to China

International Miss Blueberry Beauty Pageant, Yichun, CN - August 1-4, 2012 - a Youtube video

PNPC Controlled Burn Jan 23, 2013 - a youtube video

Is Pictometry a Useful Tool for Tree Evaluation? Sept 2014

Dedication of the Ina Brundrett Conservation Education Building - Dr. Creech's Text

Dedication of the Ina Brundrett Conservation Education Building

We're goin solar at SFA's Ina Brundrett Conservation Education Building 

Kiwis at SFA Gardens - first news video on the Sept 2014 crop

Kiwis at SFA Gardens - a second news video on the Sept 2014 crop

Kiwi Fruit Quality Evaluation - Sept 22, 2015

Tribute to F.E. Abernethy, Mar, 2015





TNLA GREEN NOV-DEC 2015 - Is There a Future For Kiwis in Texas?  Dave Creech

TNLA GREEN JUL-AUG 2015 - Eyeing the Paparazzi.  Dawn Stover

TNLA GREEN MAR-APR 2015 - SFA to Host First Horticulture Field Day for Industry Professionals.  Dave Creech

TNLA GREEN JAN - FEB 2015 - Japanese maples - the Aristocrat of Small Trees

TNLA GREEN NOV-DEC 2014 - Is Redbud the New Crape Myrtle?  Dave Creech

TNLA GREEN SEPT-OCT 2014 - Planting Seeds One Child at a Time.  Elyce Rodewald

TNLA GREEN MAY-JUN 2014 - A Spectacle Under The Pines.  Greg Grant

TNLA GREEN MAR - APR 2014 - Would Anyone Like Some Bacon?  Dave Creech

TNLA GREEN JAN-FEB 2014 - Connecting People, Plants and Plans.  Dave Creech and Dawn Stover

TNLA GREEN NOV - DEC 2013 - is Conservation Horticulture an Opportunity or Headache?  Dave Creech

TNLA GREEN SEPT-OCT 2013 - Making Garden History Now.  Barb Stump

TNLA GREEN JUL-AUG 2013 - Maples in Texas, Oh My!  Greg Grant

TNLA GREEN MAY-JUN 2013 - Spring at the SFA Gardens in a Nutshell.  Dawn Stover.

TNLA GREEN MAR-APR 2013 - A Dazzling and Magical Barnyard Full of Crapemyrtle Diamonds.  Dave Creech

TNLA GREEN JAN-FEB 2013 - A Plea for Historic Garden Personality.  Greg Grant.

TNLA GREEN DEC 2012 - Plants are Sexy and You Know It.  Dawn Stover

TNLA GREEN SEPT 2012 - The Tyranny of Peak Bloom.  Barbara Stump

TNLA GREEN JUNE 2012 - Support Your Local Public Garden.  Dave Creech

TNLA GREEN MAY 2012 - Finding Climate Change Friendly Plants.  Dave Creech

TNLA GREEN APR 2012 - Lessons on Getting by with Less.  Dave Creech

TNLA GREEN APR 2012 - Favorite Fragrance - from Azaleas?  Barbara Stump

TNLA GREEN MAR 2012 - Let Me Introduce You.  Greg Grant

TNLA GREEN JAN 2012 - YongFeng Nursery and Greening Company, Inc., Ninghai, CN - Dave Creech

TNLA GREEN DEC 2011 - What drives Nursery Market Demand in China?  Dave Creech

TNLA GREEN NOV 2011 - When is a Pineapple not a Pineapple?  Dawn Stover

TNLA GREEN OCT 2011 - In the Limelight.  Dawn Stover

TNLA GREEN SEPT 2011 - Living Life on the Fringe.  Dave Creech

TNLA GREEN JUN 2011 - Bald is Beautiful.  Dave Creech

TNLA GREEN MAY 2011 - Mexico Mountain Sugar Maple.  Dave Creech

TNLA GREEN APRIL 2011 - Adventuresome Horticulture - a Horticulture column.  Dave Creech


Theresa and Les Reeves Lecture Series

January 2018
Greg Grant, Smith County Extension Agent, Tyler, Texas
Naturally Narcissus! 

November 2017
Andrew Bunting, Assistant Director, Chicago Botanical Garden, Chicago, Illinois
Magnolias: Queen of the Garden