Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture


Malcolm L. Turner, SFA Gardens Technician

Malcom Turner started in March 2017 as the SFA Gardens Garden Technician.  His responsibilities include taking care of the blueberry, fig, muscadine, and kiwifruit plantings.  In addition, he’s responsible for the Moody Gardens Research project.  Malcolm was born in Houston, Texas but soon moved to Clinton, Iowa, and he was raised near fields of corn along the Mississippi River.  He was part of an avid gardening family and he and his younger brothers would sell a little produce at the bottom of their drive, just like his grandfather did in New London, Texas.  In 2014, Malcolm moved to a small farm in San Augustine county, Texas. Malcolm signed up for the first Master Gardeners class in San Augustine County in January 2016 and this led me to volunteer for SFA Gardens before he was hired in March 2017 as a garden technician. 

Most mornings Malcom can be found at Morning Glory Yoga and then out for a run along Raguet, through the SFA campus, or into the downtown area. He hopes to qualify to run the Boston Marathon in the spring of 2019.