Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture

JocelynMoore100x150Jocelyn Moore, Assistant Environmental Education Program Coordinator

Jocelyn Moore first joined the SFA Gardens Education program in the summer of 2014 when she was hired as a counselor for the award winning Pinewoods Summer Camp.  Her two sons fell in love with camp and Jocelyn experienced first hand the breadth and wonder of programs offered to youth and adults at the Pinewoods Native Plant Center. In October 2016, Jocelyn joined the SFA Gardens as Assistant Education Coordinator.  During the school year, she brings her passion for edible gardening, healthy eating and outdoor education to the weekly afterschool program Nacogdoches Naturally.  Jocelyn also loves to share her passion of growing edibles with adults, teaching hands on workshops and organizing garden work parties in the community.

 Jocelyn's enthusiasm for edible gardening came from her mother, a pioneer in the "Food Not Lawns" movement.  Since 2008, Jocelyn and her family have aimed to grow a portion of their own food and help others do the same.  As a certified permaculture design consultant and avid volunteer, Jocelyn has helped revitalize the TJR School Gardening program with a dedicated team of volunteers. Together with her husband, 3rd grade science teacher Michael Moore, they are also revitalizing the gardening program at Carpenter Elementary.  When asked why she does what she does, Jocelyn reflects, "Empowering children to grow and harvest their own food is magical.  They are willing and happy to try out vegetables like kale and scream with delight as they harvest carrots and broccoli.  All in one season, they've learned so many things: soil biology, life cycles of plants and insects, nutrition, work ethic, and best of all- getting dirty outside is FUN!"

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